Bruce Rudilosso is the author and founder of RoadTrip Photography. A number of years ago (although it feels like yesterday) he had already retired from a life time of working in the Mechanical Construction Industry. First as a Heating, Air Conditoning, Refrigeration Journeyman and after a number of years, a Sales Engineer. he was keeping himself busy with the gym, hiking, and road trips. Sadly none of that was working – complete and total BOREDOM. Behold his wife and Guardian Angel suggested Photography…VOILA! Enlightenment…he was saved! Sunshine, White Clouds with Blue Skies. Who knew that he would be embraced passionately in the exposure of Digital Photography while combining it with nature, trail hiking, and road trips.

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  1. Hi Bruce…Thanks for sharing your website with us….you take beautiful pictures and it’s awesome your sharing them with everyone….Can’t wait to see where you go next!!

    Jen and Stacy

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