New York, New York

Botanical Gardens|High Line|Tenement Museum

A few weeks ago our immediate family had a dinner get together at my daughter Michelle’s house. My son-in-law Chris’s parents Anna Marie and Mike were discussing their upcoming cruise to Bermuda, they were quite excited and looking forward to the trip. It was going to be a celebration of warm weather, new sights and the success of Mikes shoulder operation. The ship would sail from New York, so since we are some what close not counting traffic I offered to be their chauffeur. Mary and I thought that maybe we could spend some time in Central Park on the return home trip but because of traffic and the thousands of pedestrians on the streets we high tailed it out of there and found refuge on the New Jersey Turnpike. Lesson learned, visiting NYC in a car without planning or knowledge of the city is just plain crazy. Okay, so now we have one week to decide how we can use this return trip to NYC to our advantage. Our problem was solved by Donna, my wonderful, loving, giving sister-in-law. Donna has been living in Jersey City, NJ and working in NYC since she graduated from Rutgers. She invited us to stay with her Friday and Saturday and to guide us through the challenges of visiting and traveling in the great City. Two days in the city with a knowledgeable Tour Guide and our first stop the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Continue reading “New York, New York”



Nashville, TN had been on our bucket list for some time. It just felt like some mystical place. The birth place of that sound we love so much. Country Music’s Capital – we just had to visit. Now in our minds (maybe just mine) there is only one way to travel and thats on the road in a Pickup, so with barely any planning we hit the road. People say the shortest route is the way a crow flies but who cares about short or time, when you are retired and free to zig zag all over the map. If we hear about it and can sightsee along the way then thats the way we are going and thats how the Skyline Drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Asheville, NC was added to our trip. Continue reading “ASHEVILLE|NASHVILLE”